1 Year Anniversary Patrons’ Raffle

mythic manor 1 year anniversary

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Mythic Manor and to thank everyone who has supported our development, we’ve decided to hold a raffle to give ten patrons/ex-patrons the chance to receive Permanent Instant Access to the latest version of the game and walkthrough forever!

10x Permanent Instant Access

0m 0s

This contest is no longer accepting entries.


1. Troqu

2. AsanoNisshoku

3. Ewan Ma******

4. Navari

5. Koss the Boss

6. Jason T*****

7. Matthew C****

8. Dyl

9. Matt Tr*******

10. aQ-Magus

Real names have been censored for privacy. Winners will be contacted via Patreon message.
Congrats to everyone!


  • You must be a current or former patron of any pledge amount ($1 or more)
    • You must have pledged $1 or more so that we can message you through Patreon, as we are unable to message anyone who has never been a patron.
  • Only submit one entry per person
  • Include your Patreon username
  • Include the e-mail you used on Patreon
    • This will be used to verify that you are currently or have been a Patron of Mythic Manor.

This raffle will close on February 24, 2019. Winners will be announced on this page and contacted via Patreon message before the end of February.


If I win, how will I receive the copy of Mythic Manor?

As soon as a new update is available, we will PM you the download links for the game and walkthrough through Patreon. You will receive this perk forever (well… until there are no more new versions of the game being developed).

Why do you need my email address?

This will be used only to verify that you are or have been a Patron of Mythic Manor and prevent giving rewards to the wrong people (in case of people with the same profile names).

How will I know if I won?

The names of the winners will be posted on this page and we will contact the winning Patrons via Patreon messages.

Can I enter if I was a Patron a long time ago?

Yes! This raffle is to thank those who have helped Mythic Manor’s development via Patreon regardless of amount or time.

What if I am already a Mythic Master Patron?

If you win and are already a Mythic Master Patron, we can refund 1x $50 payment that you’ve made if you wish!