Character Bios

Main Characters

esther mythic manor character card

Esther is the landlady and motherly figure of the Mythic Manor. This kind and caring woman has been a close friend of your family for many years before inviting you to live at her manor.

Likes: Gardening, soap operas, cooking, art, massages
Move-in date: April 2020

velle mythic manor character card

Velle is a wild and lustful woman who often takes advantage of her mythic abilities to fulfill her erotic desires and sensual needs. She frequents the gym when she’s not working at the local club.

Likes: Sex, working out, partying, sex toys
Move-in date: March 2021

nefari mythic manor character card

Nefari is a smart and enigmatic lady who works at the local library. She cares not for trivial things and prioritizes the advancement of her intelligence and acquisition of new knowledge over most.

Likes: Books, fashion, science, antiques, experimentation
Move-in date: January 2023

naira mythic manor character card

Naira is a shy and friendly girl who works at the local cafe. Now that she’s found comfort in your company, she is finding herself with more desires to open up and widen her horizons.

Likes: Baking, rainy days, the beach, internet surfing
Move-in date: May 2020

fanora mythic manor character card

Fanora is an energetic and bubbly girl who works at the local park’s ice cream stand. Having been a precious and sheltered daughter when growing up, she now yearns to go on new adventures and discover more of the world, others and herself.

Likes: Dancing, the woods, cosplay, television, adventures
Move-in date: December 2024

Side Characters

Coming soon.