Official Mythic Manor Downloads

This is the official page to download Mythic Manor. Mythic Manor is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux for PC and Android OS for mobile. We do not offer support for unofficial versions such as non-English ports.

Mythic Manor is free to download now and will remain free for everyone after its completion. You can pledge to us on Patreon to get early access to the latest builds up to two weeks ahead of their publication.

NOTE: Save files from v0.2.0 and later are compatible for all new releases.

Public Release


  • More main events for all of the manor girls.
  • A new multi-girl event is available.
  • A new Sunday event is available.
  • “DahliaDarlin’s” storyline is now available!
  • A cam girl website has been added, with different scenes to view for multiple cam girls.
  • Updated the following animations with more frames:
    • Velle’s level 5 (Pool) “Stay out -> Stay out” route animations
    • Velle’s level 6 (Gym) BJ animation
    • The Park (night) couple animation.
  • New character cards added to the Character Relationships Screen.
  • Other UI-related improvements.
  • Removed the prompt when skipping time.
  • Increased the rollback limit.
  • Fixed the rollback bug that would reset Jade’s level.
  • Smashed some other bugs.
  • $10+ patron names added to the PC.
  • Updated the scene gallery and added multiple pages for some sections.
  • Updated the hints system.
  • Updated the walkthrough.
  • Other minor fixes and adjustments.


  • Updated to v0.6.0.
  • Fixed Velle’s closet.
  • Other minor improvements.

Early Releases

In Development


In Development


Walkthrough & Special Codes

$20+ Patrons

fetishfriendly, mikeoxlonger, onahole#9, phatbooty, kinkythings, extremeoppai

All of the above codes can be used to instantly level all manor girls to their v0.2.0 max levels.