Official Mythic Manor Downloads

This is the official page to download Mythic Manor. Mythic Manor is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux for PC and Android OS for mobile. We do not offer support for unofficial versions such as non-English ports.

Mythic Manor is free to download now and will remain free for everyone after its completion. You can pledge to us on Patreon to get early access to the latest builds up to two weeks ahead of their publication.

NOTE: Save files from v0.2.0 and later are compatible for all new releases.

Public Release

Music and sound effects for the entire game! 🎵

  • Added four songs made for Mythic Manor by Corsairon! (some are still in progress and will be added in a future update).
  • Also added a bunch of free-to-use songs.
  • Added music/ambience to the locations around the world and to all events.
  • Added non-lewd and lewd sound effects (lewd sound effects by Oolay-Tiger).

Lots of repeatable events! 💦 (more events are unlocked as you level up the girls) These are accessible in the girls’ rooms (day/night), some work places (noon), pool, late at night in your room, etc.

  • 25+ lewd events for the manor girls.
  • 25+ non-lewd events for the manor girls.
  • 2 events for Jade.

And more! ⬇️

  • A new multi-girl event.
  • A new Sunday event.
  • Added a Speed Button for all repeatable lewd events, which allows you to increase or decrease animation speeds.
  • Added a Music Gallery in the PC.
  • Added a separate volume slider for lewd sound effects.
  • Added the new monthly wallpapers and a holiday themed wallpaper.
  • Added the option to make a girl go back to her room when she’s in the bathroom or pool.
  • Added the option to wake up Fanora when she’s asleep in her room.
  • Updated the animations and script for Fanora’s repeatable BJ event.
  • Changed the color of some areas at night (ex. MC’s room, hallway, etc.).
  • Changed the requirements for some special events (made things easier).
  • Removed the day of the week limit for Jade’s level 11.
  • Changed Naira’s default images in her room (improved).
  • Improved many old hints.
  • Removed level restrictions in some Sunday events when replaying the scenes in the gallery.
  • Improved menu options with colors.
  • Increased image cache size to hopefully help animation performance.
  • Increased rollback to 40.
  • Fixed Fanora & Naira’s multi-event so it properly appears in the gallery when hitting the fix gallery button.
  • Completely removed the news feed.
  • Many changes in the code to make future development easier.
  • Other general quality of life improvements throughout the game.
  • $20+ patron names added to the PC.
  • Updated the scene gallery.
  • Updated the walkthrough.
  • Other minor fixes and adjustments.

Mobile-Specific 📱

  • Updated to v0.8.0.
  • Fixed the Android icon.

Early Releases

In Development


In Development


For all Android versions: You must uninstall the old Mythic Manor app before installing a new one. Backup your saves first!

Walkthrough & Complete Save Files

$20+ Patrons

Completed up to the end of v0.6.0 content.

Put and persistent in: C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\Test-1490227962

Put and persistent in: ~/Library/RenPy/Test-1490227962

Put and persistent in: ~/.renpy/Test-1490227962

Put and persistent in: Android > data > com.mythic.manor > files > saves AFTER installing a new version.

* Save files are deleted when you update or uninstall the Mythic Manor Android app, so be sure to back them up beforehand!